An East Wind

Design Strategy, Scriptwriting

An East Wind is an immersive, site-specific storytelling game, following the history of the Glorious Revolution leading up to James II's overthrowal. Players must navigate the story by retracing their character's movements through history, negotiating their own agendas with the rest of the group.

The game was developed as a prototype for Historic Royal Palaces, and named in reference to the turning of the weather vain which alerted James II to oncoming invaders.

Deception, suspicion, and bargaining culminate in the ultimate betrayal at the very site of James II's escape in 1688.

Players embody one of four characters and receive unique information using a synchronised system delivered through a mobile platform. Each player must recount their perspective to the rest of the group, and make choices in the narrative based on what they know – and what others decide to tell them.

We brought immersive storyteller Seth Kriebel on board in the development and writing of this project. My key role was to deconstruct, rearrange and map the paths of the four characters in such a way that players are able to make choices that feel significant, without diverting from true events.

As well as coordinating narrative timelines, players also had to be synchronised in physical space to meet and disband around the site of the Palace.

I also contributed to the final scriptwriting and testing of the game, as well as intial concept development and project pitching.